The 7th annual Feeding Tube Awareness Week® will be celebrated worldwide February 6-10, 2017!

​Feeding Tube Awareness Week® was created by the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, to increase awareness of feeding tubes and enteral feeding.

This year we have been able to help just under one-hundred people with feeding tubes keep their independence with the use of The Buckwheat.  There have been people that were able to leave assisted living and that brings us great joy in knowing we have made a difference! 

If you or someone you know has a feeding tube please share our site with them.  You may know someone with a feeding tube and no even know it as well!  Please share our Facebook site on you social media accounts. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and help us spread the word.  Use the hashtag #feedingtubeawareness as well.

If you are a proud owner of The Buckwheat we need your help.  Please take the time to post a review to help others understand the benefits.  You can post to Google, Facebook or our website.  A Google Review would be the most helpful.  

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