Feeding Tube Holder

The Buckwheat 2.0 Adjustable height feeding tube holder's are now available for Pre-Order. 

Save $20 by placing your order today.  Free U.S. Ground Shipping.

Expected ship date is April 16, 2018.

PEG Tube feeding made easy with "The Buckwheat" Feeding Tube Holder

What differentiates "The Buckwheat" Feeding Tube Holder from the other peg tube stands is the ability to secure the syringe to the feeding tube and protect the user from unintended G-Tube or  PEG tube pullouts.  
The Buckwheat is designed to be placed between the users legs while seated.  This keeps the peg tube stand firmly in place and leaves no chance for the stand to fall over while connected to the user.
Also, no more leaks or hand cramps from holding the syringe and extension set together since it is a single handed operation.
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Buckwheat Feeding Tube Holder Testimonial

This is a good example of a much needed product which escapes the attention of the doctors and medical equipment manufacturers. Those of us on feeding tubes know how arduous it is to pour formula into a small syringe, holding it at the right height, and without spilling it. I was so impressed with my first Buckwheat that I bought a second one to use away from home.

60 mL Feeding Tube Holder

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The Buckwheat has been a lifesaver!

I have Multiple System Atrophy, a very rare Parkinson's Plus disease that is actually closer to ALS than Parkinson's. I had surgery for the PEG tube in Jan '16 when swallowing solids became dangerous for me. Thanks to the Buckwheat, i quickly learned how to feed myself with it. I soon realized that I needed to do my feeding overnight with pump because meds I take do not work with high protein foods, but I still take my meds 3 times a day with the Buckwheat. This allows my wife to go to work and allow me to keep some independence. I highly recommend.

140 mL Feeding Tube Holder

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Great product but even better ALS / Tube Feeding Ambassador!

I ordered a holder for my husband after his ALS became so bad that he needed to be fed via feeding tube. I had been told about this holder through an ALS facebook group. So I contacted Justin and he said he would make it and ship it in just a few days! What service!! He understood how important it was to get this as soon as possible. The holder was amazing! We used it for feedings, administering meds and getting water into him. We did some traveling and it's so easy to add to our medical supplies! Do yourself a favor and order one!!


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