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With The Buckwheat no more leaks or hand cramps from holding the syringe and extension set together which reduces chances of spilling.

Jay Smith – Jay is CEO and Founder of Livid Instruments, an Austin-based music technology company. Jay lives in Austin with his wife, Missy, and daughters Loghan (7) and Peyton (4). Jay was diagnosed with ALS in May 2014.


This item is fantastic. The design allows for more independent tube feeding. We use it for bolus feeding using a syringe with a plunger.

Sara F.

Sure beats holding the syringe for 10-15 minutes. Adjustable height easy to use. Added plus: holds syringe tip in place so it does not disconnect while feeding.

The Buckwheat 2.0

Linda B.

Completes my whole set-up. Makes my life a whole lot easier!! Thank you Buckwheat Company!!

Extension Tubing w/Bolus & Stepped Connectors

Michael M.
the buckwheat armie

The Buckwheat armie

This full motion adjustable height Feeding Tube Holder is constructed for adjust-ability, smooth movements, quick installations and adjustments, and the height adjustable from 13” to 18.5” so you can set it at an ergonomic level. Click link below to see a video of how it works.