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This item is fantastic. The design allows for more independent tube feeding. We use it for bolus feeding using a syringe with a plunger.

Sara F.

Sure beats holding the syringe for 10-15 minutes. Adjustable height easy to use. Added plus: holds syringe tip in place so it does not disconnect while feeding.

The Buckwheat 2.0

Linda B.

Completes my whole set-up. Makes my life a whole lot easier!! Thank you Buckwheat Company!!

Extension Tubing w/Bolus & Stepped Connectors

Michael M.
the buckwheat armie

The Buckwheat armie

This full motion adjustable height Feeding Tube Holder is constructed for adjust-ability, smooth movements, quick installations and adjustments, and the height adjustable from 13” to 18.5” so you can set it at an ergonomic level. Click link below to see a video of how it works.