Feeding Tube Holder

jay smith team gleason every 90 minutes feeding tube holder

Tube Feeding Simplified

With The Buckwheat no more leaks or hand cramps from holding the syringe and extension set together which reduces chances of spilling.

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The Buckwheat Feeding Tube Holder
This item is fantastic. The design allows for more independent tube feeding. We use it for bolus feeding using a syringe with a plunger.

– Sarah F.

The Buckwheat Feeding Tube Holder
We purchased the Buckwheat for a friend of ours who had just had an gastric tube put in. It has made his life much easier in dealing with the tube.

– Mark D.


The Buckwheat 2.0 is extremely versatile for its compact size, and single hand functionality. Installation only takes a matter of minutes.

The Buckwheat | Gravity Feeding

Buckwheat 2.0 | Bolus Feeding