Extension Tubing with Bolus & Stepped Connectors


Kimberly Clark Professional MIC-KEY Feeding Tube Extension Set is a 6 Inch or 12 Inch Gastrostomy Tube accessory extension set that is DEHP Free. This MIC KEY Extension Set has stepped connectors on opposite ends.

For Use with MIC* Gastrostomy, Bolus Gastrostomy, PEG, Jejunal, Gastro-Enteric, and Tran gastric-Jejunal Feeding Tubes

  • Mic Key Feeding Tub Extension Set Product Numbers: 0105-06, 0105-12.
  • Length Options: 6 Inch and 12 Inch.
  • Medical Grade Silicone Construction.
  • Tapered Distal Tip.
  • Individually packaged
  • Bolus and Stepped Connectors at opposite ends
  • Manufacturer: Kimberly Clark.
  • Brand: MIC KEY. 

Note: We will not offer refunds on any opened extension sets.