The Buckwheat Armie - 140 mL Syringe - feeding tube holder


This full motion adjustable height Feeding Tube Holder is constructed for adjust-ability, smooth movements, quick installations and adjustments, and the height adjustable from 13” to 18.5” so you can set it at an ergonomic level. The Buckwheat Armie is extremely versatile for its compact size, and single hand functionality. Installation only takes a matter of minutes.  
Height adjustable: From 13” - 18.5”
Reach: 16"
Universal - The holder is designed for a 140 mL syringe but is adaptable to use clips for a 60 mL syringe.  Clips are available for conversions if you decide to switch sizes after initial purchase. (syringes not included)
Easy Installation – You will have your syringe holder installed in a matter of minutes! The C-clamp base has an integrated double lock that ensures stable mounting onto the table top up to two inches thick. 
Heavy Duty– This sturdy mount is made from solid steel. The heavy-duty construction supports up to 33 lbs so no worry of accidental pull outs when properly clamped.
*syringes sold separately