140 mL Feeding Tube Holder - The Buckwheat


Feeding Tube Holder - Fits 140 mL Syringe

"The Buckwheat" is constructed of lightweight and easy to sanitize materials. The main tube is anodized aluminum and can be sized to fit any user. The typical size is 24 inches from base to cap. The 7 1/2" diameter base is black HDPE and produced locally in Minnesota and constructed from recycled plastic. The top cap is made from ABS plastic. The spring clips are all vinyl coated and secured with stainless steel fasteners to prevent corrosion. The clips will vary depending upon which size of syringe you use; 60 ml or 140 ml.
The Buckwheat is designed to be placed between the users legs while seated.  This keeps the peg tube stand firmly in place and leaves no chance for the stand to fall over while connected to the user.

Fully assembled "The Buckwheat" weighs in at a scant 2 pounds, making it easy for anyone to use.

The Buckwheat keeps the syringe securely connected to the feeding tube [or extension set], so there are no leaks or hand cramps from holding them together.
Be sure that you check your extension set height prior to ordering. The top of your syringe needs to be able to reach 24 inches from the top of the surface you are seated on.  Check out our instructions if you have any doubts.  Its easier to cut to height prior to shipping.
Check out The Buckwheat 2.0 for adjustable height.
​"The Buckwheat" is made in Virginia.

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